Twisted Lab RotoGrid (Hacksaw Gaming) Review

Twisted Lab RotoGrid slot machine

Twisted Lab RotoGrid slot machine

Twisted Lab RotoGrid indicates that the experiments or research in this laboratory are unusual, bizarre and deviating from the norm. You are conducting scientific research that crosses moral and ethical boundaries in Hacksaw Gaming, which are not common in traditional science.

In this laboratory, scientists combine their love of experimentation with a touch of darkness and danger. The atmosphere is characterized by bizarre devices, unusual equipment and an aura of the unknown. Here, researchers push the boundaries of what is known and venture into new, exciting scientific territories.

A central feature of the game is the RotoGrid, which rotates the grid and causes the slime pistons on the reels to break. You can look forward to a fun adventure or turn off the game in fear.

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Play Twisted Lab RotoGrid for free

Convince yourself of the entertaining and exciting slot machine from Hacksaw Gaming. You can now experience Twisted Lab RotoGrid for free by simply clicking “Play Now”!

Twisted Lab RotoGrid

Game instructions and features

In Twisted Lab RotoGrid you can insert between Choose 10 cents and €100 per spin. If you want to go straight into the bonus game, you can choose between 5 different features. The winning symbols consist of eight different objects and one wild. There is a feather, leaves, egg, mushrooms, a piece of tentacle, eyeball, brain and teeth. The piston symbols are wild and can substitute for any regular winning symbol.

As the RotoGrid spins the board, the slime pistons on the reels break and their contents flow downward. All positions covered in slime become wilds and substitute for all winning symbols. Purple slime bulbs have no multiplier values. Blue slime pistons have additive values ​​up to 100x, while pink slime pistons have multipliers up to 10x. If slime covers the already covered positions, the multipliers add up. Combinations of blue and pink slime become green slime with a multiplying multiplier. If blue or pink slime is combined with purple slime, the multiplier applies to the entire field covered.

Twisted Lab RotoGrid free Spins

Release the slime! Bonus feature is activated when you hit 3 scatters. It starts with 10 free spins and increases the chances of hitting RotoGrid symbols, FS symbols and slime pistons.

The twist of the twist! Bonus feature activates when you hit 4 scatters and gives you 3 lives. Only blue and pink swirls, collector symbols, RotoGrid symbols and non-paying symbols appear in the game. Blue and pink swirls have multipliers. Blue swirls rotate with the grid when a RotoGrid icon appears. Pink swirls spin during every free spin and additionally with the grid when a RotoGrid appears. Collector symbols add the multiplier values ​​of all spins on the field at the end of a spin.

The 3 lives start over when new swirls or collectors appear. Each life represents one spin. At the end of the feature, the values ​​of the swirls and collectors are added or multiplied.

Buy Bonus – Bonus Buy

  • The RotoGrid Feature Spins cost 50x your stake. Guaranteed to get at least one Blue Slime Piston and one RotoGrid symbol on every spin.
  • The feature release of mucus costs a hundred times your stake.
  • At the Bonus Hunt Feature Spins The stake is three times your normal stake. Your chance of getting free spins is 5 times higher.
  • For the Oozing RotoGrid Feature Spins cost 75x your stake. Each spin guarantees at least two Blue Slime Pistons and a RotoGrid.
  • In The twist of the twist the stake is two hundred times your normal stake.

Get ready to unleash the power of the storm and win big!

Twisted Lab RotoGrid free SpinsLines: 19 | RTP: 96,30% | Maximum Win: 15,000 | Volatility: High

Our review of Twisted Lab RotoGrid:

The variety of winning symbols, including unusual objects such as a feather, leaves and even a brain, gives the Twisted Lab RotoGrid game a unique touch. The RotoGrid feature is particularly impressive, offering a new dimension to gaming. Rotating the grid and seeping the slime create exciting moments and bring additional wild symbols into play. Laboratory topics are also welcome as in Magic Lab slot machine from NetEnt, which is not that scary.

Overall, Twisted Lab RotoGrid is a fun slot that has a lot to offer for both newbies and experienced players. With its unique atmosphere and innovative features, it is definitely worth a spin.

Release Date: 27.06.2024

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