Malta (MGA) casinos still worthwhile?

MGA license

MGA licenseThe question that has been on the minds of many online casino players since July, can I still play at MGA casinos? The license from Malta is still the benchmark for casino fans from German-speaking countries. Unfortunately, the licensing authority is also forced to comply with the new German laws. That means no more high stakes, control of player data, monthly limit of 1000 euros, at least 5 seconds playing time per spin and much more. One or the other provider with this license has not yet implemented the new State Treaty on Gambling, but it is only a matter of time before they do so. Without sticking to the guidelines, German online casinos have no future. What is the alternative to having fun in virtual casinos in the future?

Curacao Casinos are the Future or Malta Licensed Providers?

We want to be honest, there are over 60 online casino licenses in the world, but the MGA and Curacao licensed providers are more well known. Therefore, it is probably important for most to pay attention to an MGA license. However, we don't know why, since this license is worth no more than any other legislator. In German-speaking countries, unfortunately, it got into people's heads, or they were influenced, that's all complete nonsense. In this report, we want to reveal the facts to you as to why more and more providers are renouncing the Malta Gaming license.

MGA license and Curacao license in comparison

MGA licensed casinos

  • player protection
  • 1 euro max bet per spin
  • €1000 monthly limit
  • 5 seconds per spin on the slot
  • All data stored centrally in Germany
  • Help with problems questionable
  • Game breaks every 60 minutes
  • No live table games
  • eWallets accounts are monitored
  • Control every spin on the slot machine

Curaçao licensed casinos

  • player protection
  • No Maxbet rules on machines
  • No monthly limit
  • Games rotate in real time, not 5 seconds
  • Personal data storage centrally prohibited
  • Limited help with problems
  • There is no break in the game
  • Live games and sports betting allowed
  • Ewallets accounts without monitoring
  • No 5,3% tax per spin

Online casinos that comply with the requirements in Germany, i.e. the Malta Gaming Authority, apply all these requirements to the players, who are no longer given any freedom to gamble. Apart from that, many online casinos are considering excluding German players entirely, since it is no longer economically viable to accept customers from all regions at all. Ultimately, the conditions not only harm the casinos, but the players in Germany are being cheated by the fact that more and more reputable online casinos are looking for alternative licenses such as Curacao.

There are currently some lawsuits before the European Court of Justice, which are being initiated by the operators in order to make the online game attractive again. However, the prospect is rather low that the MGA or the casino operators will be successful.

New licenses could stop the madness in Germany!

The own, introduced gambling state treaty was a shot in the oven until now. Although it became a reality in July, no politician knows to this day how it will continue. Conditions were created that are typically German and not at all acceptable. A gambling law that makes less sense than it failed in 2009. Of course, casino operators also see this and try to adapt to the requirements in some cases, but this has only caused confusion to date and has not provided any clarity for casino fans.

It is not difficult to observe that more and more online casinos are switching to a new license in order to continue to serve the German gambling market. The only thing left is the license from the UK or Curacao, which can also serve the market. So far, only the MGA Malta has been required to implement German laws, which in the long run only means the end and all online casinos from all regions that are still reputable are withdrawing. Which then go back online with a license from Curacao or other countries.

Online casinos with a license from Curacao are therefore to be judged with a positive aspect. Even if there used to be one or the other provider who abused this license, it will be all the more important for German players in the future. After all, it doesn't matter where a casino is licensed, but whether you can play seriously and safely from all regions without being confronted with restrictions or limits.

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