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Interested in Pragmatic Play and USTD winnings?

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There is currently a 1.000.000 USTD prize pool at CoinKings Casino, which selects the Pragmatic Play Hall of Fame. The event from the developer studio takes place exclusively in CoinKings Casino where you can earn real money winnings every day.

The promotion starts on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 and ends on Sunday, March 3rd, 2024. During this time you have the chance to take part in the daily prize draws and secure your share of the large prize pool.

There are no minimum wagering requirements and no annoying wagering requirements!

If you want to find out more you have to read more here...

Published: February 22, 2024 6:44
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Nice tournament, I'll try my luck.

Published: February 22, 2024 13:21